Sexual fantasy is often completely overlooked or thought of negatively in the Christian church.  We seek to change that by promoting healthy, God-honoring sexual fantasy.


We aim to help Christians improve their sex lives, their marriages, and ultimately the witness that healthy Christian marriages can provide to the world.
We do that on this site by explaining sexual fantasy, looking at and examining its components, and hopefully helping couples utilize fantasy in their relationship.

Despite the topic, our website is free of erotic pictures, so you do not have to worry while visiting the different parts of the site.

We sell a book about sexual fantasies from a Christian viewpoint.  If you find the outline of our book interesting, we encourage you to make a step toward increasing your marital intimacy and purchase "A Guide to Sexual Fantasy for Christian Couples". 

Our book helps married Christian couples:

- Understand that within marriage, sexuality should be embraced
- Discuss their respective sexual fantasies
- Spice up their sex lives
- Deepen intimacy
- Feel more comfortable engaging in their own and their spouses' fantasies
- and much more!

"A Guide to Sexual Fantasy for Christian Couples"
Chapters from our book -
How to Use This Book
1. What are Sexual Fantasies?
2. Why Do We Have Sexual Fantasies?
3. Common Problems with Sexual Fantasy
4. How should Christians view sexual fantasies?
5. How are Men and Women's Fantasies Different?
6. You and Your Spouse's Fantasies
7. Performing Your Fantasies
8. Rating and Evaluating Fantasies
9. Bringing it All Together
Plus, there are 13 exercises for you and your spouse to work on together.


For a limited time this 35+ page book is only a few bucks!

Sharing fantasies can be a very positive experience, but it must be done correctly.  Let me help you make sure your exploration of you and your spouse's fantasies increases the trust, intimacy and fun in your sex life.

Disclaimer:  This book is not a substitute for sexual counseling.  Ideas from our workbook can only be used in marriages that are already healthy. If you are having problems with your sex life, you might want to see a counselor before venturing into sexual fantasy as this can be a very sensitive area.